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Dating back to the 19th century and even possibly earlier than so, Pointer - type dog bloodlines were crossed with Greyhound-type bloodlines eventually creating the Dupuy Pointer. This breed was created specifically as a gun dog and hunter who would make a great companion for those with the same jobs and hobbies, hunting. Known for their unique muscle flexibility to be able to get so close to the ground and speed when in different kinds of terrain, this dog became very popular. Today, they're known as a rare breed to the USA, however you can still own one if you're interested in doing so!


With a wedge shaped head, as well as a scissor bite, this breed is built thin, tall and lean. Two almond shaped eyes with a matching brown or black nose rests on their face, as their two, long pendant shaped ears hang very gently alongside of their face. Their tail is extremely thin and narrow and should face outwards. This breed has a very short coat that should demonstrate a natural shine and is available in lemon and white and liver and white. White is their primary color and the other color will be in a ticking and patch pattern. The pattern varies per individual. Both males and females measure 24-26 inches in height and weigh between 45-60 pounds in weight.


Loving, affectionate, eager to hunt and obey. This breed is a wonderful addition to any gunman or hunter, as well as family who enjoys nature and being outside often. With proper training, daily walk as well as other activity and a firm but calm owner, this breed can meet high standards. As always, positive reinforcement training methods are the only methods recommended for this breed. Please note while outside with this breed, a proper harness and leash must be in place unless within a safe and properly installed fenced area. This breed is not recommended for apartment living and will only thrive in a country atmosphere with land to roam. This breed would do best in a canine only, adult atmosphere. Wonderful with the elderly and older children. This breed will bark and alert you when someone is at the door, however this breed will great everyone as a friend.

Daily brushing and bathing when needed. Wipe coat down with damp cloth after traveling into wooded or muddy areas, also check for ticks as well as any abrasions to the skin.

Special Notes

Please fully educate yourself about this breed prior to adding it to your family. Do not add this breed to your household unless you are able to make a life long commitment to your new addition.

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